If you made it to this page, you already know that I am a composer & producer. You are here probably because you want to know how I got here or what I have been writing Lately. 

How I got here? Long story to include here...

But.. I did spend the major part of last decade in academia. I studied long enough that now I have a paper from uOttawa that says I hold a Master in Music Composition. 7 years of university was full-time article writing, discussing "music things" with music nerds and teaching theory and harmony. But not much composing really. 

I love to write for film and "moving images". Any medium that tells a story. we all know that music amplifies emotions and take us to an imaginary SoundScape; it keeps us there for as long as we want or at least until we hit the pause button- that's what I love about it the most-

A few projects I've worked on lately are in the video section here.

Contact me:

Email: noora.nakhaei@gmail.com

visit my instagram: Nora.composer